Psychotherapy and Counselling

IMG_3671Psychotherapy and Counselling will give you the opportunity and the space for reflection and exploration. You will have regular time to talk about yourself and reflect on how you think, feel and respond to life events. Exploring the ways you relate to others and to yourself, will help you discover what lies beneath your difficulties.

Longstanding problems and symptoms you experience usually have their origins in early life. Exploring the connections between your past experiences and current difficulties will increase your awareness as to how your inner world influences your day to day behaviour.

The overall aim would be for you to use this understanding to find more effective ways of managing your life, to develop your capacity to tolerate difficulties and to reach your full potential.

Acknowledging and confronting painful feelings is not an easy process.   Learning to let go of old established patterns and expectations and employing new strategies to cope with everyday demands of life can be a challenging.  Depending on your needs, the specific issues you wish to work through and the time you want to commit yourself in therapy will help us determine the type and the length of therapy that can be most suitable for you.

The therapy I offer is based on the psychodynamic model but I also use other treatment models and approaches depending on your needs, the difficulties you experience and the length of therapy that is suitable for you.